Oliver Rowntree was known to be somewhat of a hermit in town. A locksmith by trade, but a mystery to everyone. He lived alone in his old victorian mansion at the top of the mountain.  Though they have heard the many stories of his scandals and riches, not many of the townsfolk have ever actually seen him in person.  This is why you and your group are so excited to have received the invitation to his dinner party this evening! There’s one problem, however…it seems you mixed up the time a bit and arrived at Oliver’s place one hour early. You noticed the door was left unlocked, so you let yourselves in. The door locks behind you! It seems Oliver isn’t quite ready for dinner, and he must of left in a hurry judging by the mess he has left behind. You have 60 minutes to try to find the key to escape before Oliver gets back and finds you unattended in his home…with his secrets.

*This is NOT a scary experience.

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